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Cloudy Saturday with My Best
Sabtu, 05 November 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
green-pinky grasses

Sometimes we had to went out when we got bored, today was beautiful saturday for hunting photos with my best... even we're not good in every poses, but we enjoyed it...happy saturday....^^


we was very sad because we couldn't spend our time to celebrate Idul Adha's day at home as usual. We had to stay in Malang. Learning...learning...learning...for UTS, we did our best here to get best result also...

would my faculty has a view like this???

family is family, something missing in a big day without all of them...poor me )': 

wearing a new grey shawl

I wore unbranded casual cardigan, unbranded jeans, shawl by Rossa collection, Nice flat shoes, so...would this blog to be a fashion blog, and am i to be a fashion blogger???hehehe just dream it on...

hey, it was the greatest pose girl ^^

We have study hard to pass it, we must to be success in our study, we have to make our parents proud of us, that is the reason we still alive here...hahaha forget about the last sentence...it is too much, isn't it???

It seems like i'm in China *LOL*

That's all guys...see u next time with a new posting, have a nice weekend ^^


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