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Six Types Of Love
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Taken From Interpersonal Relationships Boook, Author : Devito

1. Eros (Beauty and sexuality)

Like Narcissus, who fell in love with the beauty of his own image, the erotic lover focuses on beauty and physical attarctiveness, sometimes to the exclusion of qualities you might consider more important and more lasting. Also like Narcissus, thye erotic lover has an idealized image of beauty that is unattainable in reality. Consequently, the erotic lover often feels unfulfilled. Not surprisingly, erotic lovers are particularly sensitive to physical imperfections in the ones they love. 

2. Ludus (Entertainment and excitement)

Ludus love is experienced as a game, a fun. The better you can play the game, the greater the enjoyment. Love is not to be taken too seriously; emotions are to be held in check lest they get out of hand and make trouble; passions never rise to the point where they get out of control. A ludic lover is-self controlled, always aware of the need to manage love rather than allow it to be in control. Perhaps because of this need to control love, some researchers have proposed that ludic love tendencies may reveal tendencies to sexual aggression (Sarwer, Kalichman, John, Early, et al.,1993). Not surprisingly, the ludic lover retains a partener only as the partner is interesting and amusing. When interest fades, it's time to change the partners. Perhaps because love is a game, sexual fedelity is f little importance. 

3. Storge (Peaceful and slow)

Lack passion and intensity. Storgic lovers don't set out to find lovers but to establish a companionable relationship with someone they know and with whom they can share interests and activities. Storgic love is a gradual process of unfolding thougths and feelings; the changes seem to come so slowly and so gradually that is often difficult to define exactly where the realationship is at any point in time. Sex in Strorgic relationships come late, and when it comes, it assumes no great importance.

4. Pragma (Practical and traditional)

The Pragma lover is practical and seeks a relationship that will work. Pragma lovers want compatibility and relationship in which their imprtant needs and desires will be satisfied. They're cocerned with the social qualifications of a potential mate even more than with personal qualities; family and background are extremely important to the pragma lover , who relies not so much on feelings  as on logic.

5. Mania (Elation and depression)

Mania is characterized by extreme highs and extrem lows. The Manic lover loves intensely and at the same time intensely worries about the loss of the love. This fear often prevents the manic lover from deriving as much pleasure as possible frm the relationship.

6. Agape (Compassionate and selfless)

This is unconditional love for all people even if there is no close ties. It is a spiritual love with no concern for personal gain.

What Kind of Lover Are You??? (:


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