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Rush Hour in June
Senin, 25 Juni 2012 - Permalink - 0 Comments

Final Test emphasizes the importance of hard work and good health, but a ton of assignments should be done during preparation...how can I do many things in a same time??? Keep being healty, doing more and more take home, watching competition, blogging for a blog competition, watching Korean dramas and also preparing for my best friend’s and my idol’s birthday...I supposed my final result for this semester will be getting worse, huhu... )’:

Since Euro Cup 2012 has been held, I slept over night when England had a match. There’s no time left to prepare my final test more. Always believing in lucky happens while I did my test. Having a restless night every day...I woke up late then, in rash on my way to campus. It was very stressful. I did my test hesitatingly.

I’ve prepared a surprise for Nana’s birthday on 20th June successfully, I also had a plan for my idol’s birthday, Nichkhun on 24th June. Finaly, I made a video letter for him, I keep practicing my Korean during vacum in course until the winning day pass. I made it into English and Korean, I got a lot of support from my best friends for making this video...I took a favor to Seonsaengnim, My Korean Teacher also to teach me making good sentences in Korean, 감사합니다 선생님... ^^

I gave entire support for England, but the team lost from Italy, still good job for The Three Lions, I appreciated their bleeding struggle on Euro Cup this year...I’ll always support England, see you on World Cup 20014....^^ 파이팅!!!

Happy Birthday My Lovely Best Friend, Nana...
Happy Birthda My Thai Prince, Nichkhun...
Highly Appreciate For The one and Only My BestTeam Ever, England.... : ))

안녕...... !!!


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