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Writing is never a matter of talent but of honesty
Jumat, 26 April 2013 - Permalink - 0 Comments

I’m totally missing my blog...
rarely visited it,  I just like a stranger on my own blog hehehe. It’s been a while since I’ve decided to leave this blog. I’d rather using Path to express what I feel, shared a lot of memories and experiences there by posting some photos. I had barely enough  time to post long stories on my blog like having no passion anymore on it, I don’t know why??? I just though it was all about losing my talent as a blogger. I read some previous posts, why are they all so clumsy??? am I really a writer??? :D but, My blog has always been my listening ear, how could I leave it without more.... Although I’m so bad on writing, I’ll keep being a frank to figure out something unsaid in my whole life.

So this is my first posting since I’ve come back to be a blogger again ^^


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