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Wake up so Early to Read Annoying Message
Jumat, 17 Mei 2013 - Permalink - 0 Comments
You have to learn how to respect others using your language even it was sent via short messages, dont forget your ethics! 

I just wonder if people just think to discourage others with their verbal message wether directly or  not, there is always rift for them to blame, to criticize, to mock, to scolde like an old grandma...They probably  though of satisfaction from someone’s weakness. It’s a pride for them to give such a FAKE ADVICE !!! disguising like an angel who’s perfect  in everything, never do a mistake, and always better than others...

It’s Ok to criticize, and I am Ok to be criticized... I’m grateful of getting  that, it means there is still someone who cares me to do better, I realized my duties and tried to be responsible in my job, but I’m not machine that can memorise all in details, It’s Ok to remind me, I’m very thankful of that...but I’m a person who concern about politeness in communication...I’ll respect someone who tells about our lack without deem us as an Idiot! 

Being a perfectionist person is good as long as you need to make all perfect without trying to underestimate others, not only you but also everyone will do their best, and you have to learn how to appreciate their effort...so please mind your way, be wise!


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