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Happy Birthday Khun :3
Senin, 24 Juni 2013 - Permalink - 0 Comments
I really never made right decision than choosing Nichkhun as my bias *LOL* I will never regret it!!! cause Khun is too precious in my life. Today is Khun's birthday, actually I havent prepare anything yet for Khun's day like a year ago, I seriously made video letter for him and uploaded it on Youtube...but now this final test make me so busy, damn! I wanna fly to Seoul only for celebrating Khun's day, I'll be standing in front of JYP building waiting My Thai Prince along day :D

I cant only stand here while reading my timeline on my second account that flooding with lucky fans who live in Korea, they're spamming my TL with Khun's photos and presents that Hottest have collected for Khun. I really proud with them, after almost 15 hours waiting since last night, finally they met Khun, you are guys deserved it!!!Having Vacation at JYPE building is more tempting than Universal Studio I guess hahaha

No one can replace Nichkhun from my heart. No matter how many males idol kpop group I like. Happy Birthday Khun, I have no words left but I'm grateful of having you as an idol who has changed my life a lot! being an inspirations in my whole life, so I thankyou...thankyou...and I love you...love you.... ^^

And This what You Mean to Me :*

When will you stop becoming such a charming creature??? #0624khunnieday



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